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“Do you know what makes Creative O so special? The truth lies that (1) you DARE to be DIFFERENT, to do what is REALLY BEST in the child’s interest. Be it camping, bringing in specialist to teach K2 how to build a DOME, going on frequent outings, visual arts, this year’s concert – drama etc. (2) You have got wonderful, caring, positive teachers! That seals the rest. Your teachers are so positive with words and action, and very encouraging.”

- Jonathan’s Mum (24 November 2003)

“I am impressed that despite not having much homework given, Jodie’s mental and intellectual development is good. I believe the teaching in school with a lot of emphasis on creativity and project work has done her good. Keep it up.”

- Jodie’s parents (10 November 2005)

“Through this type of learning programme (Agar-Agar Project), I can see that it helped Yuan Jun get organised, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which is no small feat.”

- Yuan Jun’s Mum (2 November 2011)

“I am happy to inform you that he transitioned seamlessly into Primary 1. After seeing how well he handled his first day with confidence, I felt very compelled to write to you to further confirm what I thought all along – Creative O has a well-balanced curriculum and Creative O prepares their K2 very well for Primary 1. I have always had confidence in how Creative O prepared their wards to be independent with the many activities prepared in K2:
• St John’s Island Camp
• Concert Preparation and Participation
• Visits to Old Folks’ Home
• Sensitive Training to the Different Cultures
• Food Preparation
• Visit to the Supermarket
• Visiting a Primary School and ‘Buying Food At The Canteen’
Today, when I asked my son how he managed during his recess, he told me that he bought food and drinks at the canteen and that Creative O had trained him!”

- Xian Huan’s parents (2 January 2013)

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