We believe in using arts to help children excel in their multi-intelligences. Working with a team of arts practitioners to give children the relevant arts experience consistently is an essential part of our curriculum. Since 1998, our children have approximately two to three hours of arts engagement with the arts practitioners per week.

The arts practitioners are active artists in theatre, dance and visual art.

Atelier Corner in Playgroup Class
K1 Physical Exercise Stretch and Posture
K1 Physical Exercise
K1 Visual Art Painting
K1 Visual Art Newspaper Art
K2 Drama Shadow Play
K2 Physical Exercise Wheelbarrow in pairs
K2 Visual Art Canvas Painting (Group)
K2 Visual Art Canvas Painting (Individual)
Nursery Creative Movement
Nursery Creative Movement 1
Nursery Speech and Drama
Playgroup Creative Movement
Playgroup Creative Movement 1
Visual Art (Clay Sculpture)
Visual Art Clay Sculpture
Visual Art Landscape Painting
Visual Art Printing

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