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In line with our philosophy, we have been providing training for our teachers to up-grade their skills and abilities over the years. Trainers from local were Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, Mr Johnny Lau, Dr Wu Mi Yin, Dr Sin Joo Ee; from overseas were Prof Stan Chu (New Yok) and Ms Ruth Bar-Sinai (Israel); and from Taiwan were Prof Chang Shih Tsung, Prof Peggy Lin Pei-Jung, Ms Lin Shih Chen and Ms Kao Hsiu Hua.

2006 Prof Stan Chu, Bank Street College of Education, New York, on Children Make Sense of the World
March 2007 Ms Lin Shih Chen, Taiwan, on Corner Play
2007 Prof Peggy Lin Pei-Jung, Taiwan, on Corner Play
2010 Ms Ruth Bar-Sinai, David Yellin College of Education, Isreal on Physical Education
2011 Prof Chang Shih Tsung, Taiwan, on Creative Teaching Resources

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