Character Building

We perceive character building as a continuous process of observing, guiding and correcting through our daily encounter with the children: be it in lessons, working on projects, or corner activities or even playing together. Behavior, manners and value issues such as mutual respect, caring for others & taking responsibility are all being addressed continuously. Special programmes such as monthly visit to old folks homes by the K2 children, celebrating birthday in a manner of showing gratitude to care givers and sharing joy with friends are examples of shaping a child’s character.

Birthday Chart
Care and Kindness K2 engaging in a game with elderlies
Care and Kindness K2 performing at St Luke Eldercare Centre
Care and Kindness K2 Visiting St Luke Eldercare Centre
Cooking birthday noodles
Fostering friendships
Grandparents Day
Helping to serve rice
Respect our elders
Self help (Labelling cup with name)
Self help Folding Clothes
Self Help Skills
Self Help Skills Cleaning the classroom
Self Help Skills Toothbrushing
Serving Lunch
Serving our elders

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